Tree Service

Tree Removal Services in Newark, OH

Also Serving Zanesville, Mt. Vernon, OH, and Surrounding Areas

In the event of an emergency, we are the people to call to remove a tree off your structure (house, garage, business) or out of your driveway. We have the men and equipment to respond quickly to storm ravaged areas. Why call a tree trimmer, then a roofer, and then a carpenter to deal with your damaged structure? We are all that rolled into one and we have good relationships with insurance adjusters, too! If you simply need your trees trimmed, we can recommend a tree-only service.

Tree Services We Provide

  • Storm damage
  • Remove and haul away trees and large limbs on structure
  • Brace and secure structure
  • Inspect foundation and structure
  • Insurance claims welcome
  • Don't risk further damage to your structure
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